Watch A YouTuber Give A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of An Electric Plane Manufacturer

Electric planes are becoming a reality with the advent of technology. The right steps in the right direction might lead to a giant leap in the industry with green and sustainable outcomes. However, one of the major obstructions in the way has been the heavy weight of batteries. 

New technology has come up to provide a solution for that. They are smaller and more powerful than their predecessors. This has opened several avenues for airplane companies to start working on the tech and bringing the electric plane to life. 

Among many other companies, Wright Electric is developing an all-electric plane at the moment. It will be able to accommodate 100 people that should be in the market in the next six years. Meanwhile, in September of 2022, Air Canada agreed to order 30 hybrid electric aircraft from Sweden-based Heart Aerospace.

There is a video released by YouTuber Cleo Abram who visits an electric plane start-up called Beta to explore the technology that the company uses to bring sustainable flying to life. She even takes a ride on the new aircraft showing how comfortable and rider-friendly they are.

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