Watch A YouTuber Explain Whether A CO2 Battery Can Be The Key To Energy Storage

In this week’s new episode of Undecided, the Youtuber, Matt Ferrel, is back again with another fascinating discovery. He has just unearthed a new idea, or it would be right to say that he has revived the idea of bringing the all-time denounced carbon dioxide into a favorable application. Yes, you heard it right! The concept is surprisingly simple. Ferrel aims to utilize carbon dioxide in a battery for energy generation, and the results look promising. He has discussed the whole concept in a detailed manner in his video embedded below. Watch it to get some more insights:

The often stigmatized carbon dioxide could prove a key pillar for the storage of energy, which would ultimately result in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. We are often faced with the issue of insufficient storage capacity to capture renewable energy, but the concept of carbon dioxide batteries has emerged to be in the scientific mainstream and is all set to cover this issue. Ferrel discussed in the video the recent Italian start-up, Energy Dome, which has efficiently completed the production of the world’s first carbon dioxide battery on a pilot level in Sardinia.

The plant, according to the Youtuber, is successfully functioning with its plans to officially start operations in the next year. According to Claudio Spadaccini, who is the CEO of the Energy Dome, “We charge the system with carbon dioxide at the beginning of its life, just once over 30 years. So, we don’t use carbon dioxide continuously. It’s like the refrigerator or your car’s air conditioner, which you just charge at the beginning. And the carbon dioxide we use is just the working fluid in our battery. “

He further said that the land required for setting up a plant for this carbon dioxide battery storage system is just 7 to 8% of the land which you require for the construction of a solar plant. On that count, Claudio further said, “So we now had a lot of people who were not believing in us. It was too fast. So, we are claiming 75% efficiency, and there are still many people who do not believe this. They say it’s not possible, but we promised something. Our idea is that we promise and we deliver. So, we really wanted to prove what we say.”

To that end, with all the facts and figures delivered by Ferrel in the video, we can say that the project sounds really interesting, and once it becomes successful, the world can harness the power of renewable energy at its full potential.

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