Watch A YouTuber Disassemble A Whole Car To Make It Lighter – And Faster|

This time, a Youtube channel, Driven Media, has again brought us a facsinating experience to watch. They have come up with an exceptionally cool idea of making a Subaru Impreza lighter by detaching all of its parts. They have removed all of the seats, carpets, windshield wipers, and bars integrated within it. For this, they experimented with the whole process and recorded the results. It turned out that they had removed around 136 kg from the car and then drove it all the way to observe the changes. It’s exciting to see what’s in the pipeline, and the video embedded below sums up the experiment pretty well.

To put that in perspective, before the parts were dismantled, the car weighed around 1431 kg (3154 lbs). They weighed it by putting the car on a balancing scale and recorded the results as soon as it was balanced. Similarly, they then started to remove all of the parts, as can be seen in the video. First, they removed the carpets, then took away all of the seats, including the front and back seats as well. However, that part was pretty fun to watch when they sat on the bare floor of the car without the seats and were about to drive it. That part was so much fun to watch!

After removing all of the major parts, they then come back to minor things like stripping out the bars, windshield wipers, different unnecessary pistons, and, of course, the outer layout of the gearbox. In this way, they finally managed to remove around 136 kg, and that’s what their goal behind the experiment was. They said in the video that we wanted to hear the same weight, which we have now actually removed and completed the milestone. After this, they called the same driver again to begin the second part of the experiment.

As soon as he started the engines, they found out that it was raining outside and the roads were wet. This could cause some problems for the visuals, as there were no windshield vipers, but fortunately, the rain was not heavy. Hence, he started driving the “empty” car on the racing track, leaving behind two Porsche and one Ferrari, as stated in the video. This shows that the car became lightweight after removing the parts due to which it started gaining speed.

However, the person who was driving the car said that although the experience was very thrilling and exciting, due to the bare surface and sharp edges of some instruments around him, it was somewhat of a rough ride. Also, there was a lot of noise coming from the car’s interior and from outside as well. But overall, the experience went pretty well and was engaging. Watch the video above to get into more details.

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