Watch A YouTuber Convert A Mustang From RWD To AWD All By Himself

While most people wouldn’t even consider an all-wheel-drive conversion for their 5.0L V8 Coyote engine S550 Mustangs, one daring individual is giving it a shot. Luckily, he’s recording everything for us to see. Tim Roman, the mastermind behind the project, has uploaded the first video to his No Production Value Garage YouTube channel.

Despite the lack of fancy equipment, the content promises to be engaging. In the video, he meticulously outlines the steps he’s taking to achieve his goal. This isn’t Tim’s first time at the rodeo, as he’s previously converted a turbo V8 Merkur XR4Ti, affectionately named the “XR4x4Ti,” to all-wheel-drive. He knows what he’s doing and has the experience to back up his ambitious objectives.

Given that Ford did not design the S550 Mustang to be an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the idea of converting it has many challenges. Even the most experienced custom car builders would be intimidated by the long list of issues.

These include selecting the appropriate transmission and figuring out how to connect it to the renowned 5.0L engine, as well as finding space for driveshafts and a front differential. Tim Roman, the project’s mastermind, has opted for a six-speed manual TR6060 transmission, which can be found in a variety of vehicles, including the Dodge Viper.

To enable all-wheel-drive capability, Roman will employ a Dodge Challenger’s AWD V8 transfer case to power the front differential assembly. To make the Dodge transfer case fit, he had to modify a Corvette TR6060 tail shaft housing. He also made alterations to the front cover from a Tremec Magnum XL transmission to allow for a bolted-on throwout bearing assembly.

This means that before starting down the drag strip, he may manually convert it into a rear-wheel-drive mode to warm up the rear tires.

We are eagerly waiting for the result of his work.

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