Watch A Woman In Finland Go Around Town Using Reindeers – Because The Gas Prices Are So High

The increasing price of gasoline in Finland has led a woman, a resident of Lapland, named,  Janita Kentalla, to come out from her residence using a very unconventional means of transport. She was going to a supermarket as she found it eco-friendly to use a reindeer sled for travel. At the same time, she has recorded the video of her visit and posted that video, which got viral.

Kenttala captioned the video with some words highlighting the serious issue of increasing gas prices along with the fact that how is the general public trying to cope with the situation. According to the mentioned stats, the Price of gasoline was told to be 2e/liter. Her video got 600,000 likes and 4700 comments on TikTok, probably due to her main focus on public concern traveling a long way. She was highlighting this point as the rise in import prices of oil has been reflected in rising consumer prices of liquid fuels. The consumer price of motor gasoline was known to be increased by 8% as compared to a year ago.

As far as Kenttala’s appearance and her background in that video are concerned, she was wearing Traditional Luuhka, a cold-weather cape. Her 3-year-old reindeer Solina was also there in that video, pulling the sled along a beautiful snowy landscape thus weaving a path between trees.

Meanwhile, a tracker shared his viewpoint that if according to Kenttala, people have to travel long distances in order to get to grocery stores then it can be recognized why such an eco-friendly alternative would be preferable. He has also mentioned that the price of gasoline was as high as 8.00 USD per gallon by the beginning of the year in Finland. Oceans having hotter than before must be a top priority. So, Kenttala’s team could teach them as she is president and COO of Lapland tour Company EANAN. According to her, “Nature is everything”, and hence she is always focusing on the ways to make her team’s task more eco-friendly. Her team uses Reindeer and Husky sled dogs for such tours.

As expressed, it is working around the principle of “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.  Thus Sami people have suffered a lot in such a harsh winter longer than any car company has existed. Thus, it was figured out that they are the experts in eco-friendly transport.

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