Watch A Ukrainian MiG-29 Toss A Bomb Across The Front Lines

A video has emerged showcasing a Ukrainian MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter using a toss bombing technique to deliver munitions across the front lines. The low-flying aircraft performs a pop-up maneuver to lob the bomb, minimizing its exposure to enemy defenses. The weapon in question is likely a French-made rocket-assisted Hammer precision-guided bomb, designed for such delivery, though it could also be a Joint Direct Attack Munition-Extended Range (JDAM-ER) glide bomb, as this technique is adaptable for various munitions.

The footage shows the MiG-29 executing the maneuver, followed by clips of what appear to be two smoke trails, hinting at the use of Hammer bombs. These bombs, along with JDAM-ERs, have been integrated into Ukrainian Fulcrums and Su-25 Frogfoot jets, enhancing their strike capabilities. French authorities announced the supply of these bombs to Ukraine back in January.

Hammer bombs are essentially conversion kits, attaching a guidance section and range-extension kit (REK) to a standard iron bomb. This design parallels the JDAM-ERs received by Ukraine, both utilizing GPS-assisted inertial navigation systems for precision. The REK, a solid-fuel rocket booster, extends the bomb’s range, allowing it to hit targets up to 43 miles away in level flight. When launched from low altitudes, the Hammer can still achieve ranges of at least nine miles, thanks to its rocket assistance.

The toss bombing technique, or loft bombing, allows aircraft to release bombs at indirect trajectories, reducing exposure to enemy air defenses. This method was notably used by the U.S. during the Cold War for delivering nuclear bombs. For unguided munitions, accuracy decreases with this technique, but precision-guided bombs like the Hammer and JDAM-ER maintain accuracy through advanced guidance systems.

Given the multi-layered air defense threats in the conflict, Ukrainian jets using toss-bombing tactics with Hammers or JDAM-ERs is a strategic approach. This method enables precision strikes from safer distances, crucial in a war where neither side has achieved air superiority. As both sides continue to face advanced air defenses, the use of such tactics is essential for the survival and effectiveness of the aircraft and pilots involved.

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