Watch A Train Hit A Truck And Toss 50,000lbs Of Cargo Like A Feather

A new video has surfaced on the internet, which shows a fully loaded truck being struck on the rail track in Fabens, Texas. The video is of an accident in which a truck pulling a Lowboy trailer got stuck on the track and stayed there for 10 minutes. Everyone anticipated the worse, but no one was able to react in time, and a train eventually hit the trailer at a speed of about 50 miles per hour.

The video shows the moment when the train hits the stuck truck on the tracks; mind you, the truck was carrying a load of 50,000 pounds. It can also be seen in the video that people are trying to warn the train of the obstacle ahead but to no avail.

One thing is for sure: the total cargo on the truck was around 23 tons but seeing it tossed over like peanuts were just out of this world. Even after the massive collision, the train’s engine remained upright; however, the truck was a total loss.

The police arrived on the scene and did their best to avoid any major incident. But they could not avert the calamity, as the railway officials could not be reached in time. However, the site around the intersection was free of people and other vehicles.

So, what do we learn from this incident? First, we should always stay cautious of our surroundings. Also, if there is an obstacle on the tracks and it’s that big, plus a train approaching the intersection, you should better be standing much further away than the guy with the camera in this video did. The footage is cool, but if the derailment had gone awry, things could’ve been way worse, possibly threatening his life.

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