Watch A Tiny Kei Truck Leading Multiple Cop Cars In A High-Speed Chase In Texas

A staggering incident occurred in Texas on Monday in which a little Japanese Kei truck found itself being chased by police SUVs. The whole incident was recorded by an eyewitness. The chase for this 2013 or newer “Suzuki Carry Kei truck” started from Texas Highway 37 between Aubrey and Pilot Point, Texas, north of Dallas-Fort Worth. The main reason for this high-speed pursuit has not yet been revealed, but the bystander who filmed the entire scene said that this small pickup truck had been stolen from the nearby Ray Braswell High School. (The picture depicted below is a snapshot of the video).

This seems to be the apparent reason for the chase by the police. The person in the truck is seen driving furiously to get out of the scene after trying to escape from the cops. This 658-cc truck has a capacity of accelerating to about 87 mph with a legal limitation of 63 horsepower, and it is evident from the video that the driver has pushed the truck to its limit by trying to run away from the chasing police. However, the complete video can be watched here.

However, it has been reported that this high-speed tracking has covered a distance of 30 miles from the south of Pilot Point. In the other scenario, if we calculate the distance by taking school as the starting point from where this vehicle has been stolen, then it would become more than 42 miles of the distance covered till the moment it was caught by the police.

Yes! That’s where this race came to an end. The police have taken the accused into custody on unknown charges between the intersection of Highway 82 and Old Southmayd Road. The video was then uploaded to Facebook, which has been making the rounds on social media since then. The cops had made an outstanding attempt to arrest the suspect as it was a public highway and if the chase remained any longer, then the truck could possibly hit the other vehicles.

No information has been revealed yet as to whether the chase concluded peacefully or not, but if all this is finished without letting the truck and the driver get hurt, then this is all that one could ever ask for after such a troubling incident.

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