Watch A TikToker Show Off A ‘Sustainable’ House Made Completely Out Of Trash

OfficialGoodful, a user on TikTok, has a strong interest in houses built from waste materials. These houses, also known as Earthships, have been showcased in a video to OfficialGoodful’s 86,000 followers. These homes are fully self-sufficient and constructed using repurposed items such as discarded tires and empty bottles.

“I am obsessed with how pretty this looks,” the voiceover says in the video as it pans across rainbow walls made from upcycled glass bottles.

For decades, Earthships, which are homes designed to be completely off the grid and powered by solar energy, have been in existence. The architect Michael Reynolds is responsible for their development, with the intention of making them available and accessible to anyone interested in building their own unique, eco-friendly home using natural and upcycled materials.

It’s possible to construct an Earthship home in any location that allows for off-grid dwellings. For instance, in California, an off-grid sustainable home is authorized as long as it adheres to the state’s building, health, and environmental regulations.

Step-by-step kits are available for anyone who wants to build their own Earthship. The cost of constructing an Earthship ranges between $100 and $250 per square foot on average, depending on whether it is a DIY project or involves working with a contractor and the type of materials used.

In the video shared by Goodful, Earthships are constructed using tires filled with dirt and walls made from stacked bottles and cans.

Apart from being affordable, Earthships offer a pure off-the-grid living experience. These homes are designed to sustainably heat and cool themselves, eliminating the need for wood or grid electricity, which helps to reduce the burning of fossil fuels – the primary cause of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.

Furthermore, Earthships can function as mini power plants by incorporating photovoltaic panels, charge controllers, batteries, and inverters. Compared to traditional homes, Earthships can reduce power consumption by a minimum of 25%.

In addition, Earthships can be designed to collect rainwater, cultivate food, and recycle grey water, such as shower and laundry water, which makes them highly sustainable.

According to feedback on TikTok, some users believe that Earthships offer hope for the planet, while others view them as their ultimate dream home.

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