Watch A Tesla Owner Blow Up His Car With Dynamite – Because He Hated It Too Much

A guy in Finland used roughly 30 kg of explosives to blow up his costly electric sedan, a 2013 Tesla Model S. Tuomas Katainen, a native of Jaala village in the Kymenlaakso area of southern Finland, was dissatisfied with the technical problems and hefty maintenance costs. He was apparently one of the early adopters of the Tesla Model S, which has been on the market since 2012.

Katainen was irritated when he was informed he needed to spend 20,000 euros ($22,500) on a new battery for his vehicle. So he parked his Tesla, which was laden with 30 kilos of explosives, in a scenic snow-covered spot. Before the explosion, a dummy with Elon Musk’s face was placed in the driver’s seat. Katainen recorded the entire event and uploaded it on YouTube. The video quickly went viral on social media networks and has received over 4.5 lakh views so far.

Tesla dominates the EV industry and is well-known for its advancements worldwide. Although, in recent years, the company’s image has suffered due to its customers experiencing a variety of problems with their vehicles, such as technological difficulties, expensive maintenance expenses, and so on.

The video’s primary goal is to urge the company to improve its existing shortcomings. However, Musk is unlikely to notice the video since he has been too preoccupied with tweeting about Web3 and NFTs. Even if he did see it, he’d probably recognize it as a joke.

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