Watch A Tesla Mistake A Horse And Buggy For A Semi Truck

A new video has been doing rounds on the internet in which it can be seen how Tesla misunderstood a white, four-wheeled horse carriage by a semi-truck. The video seems so funny as Tesla is finding it really difficult to identify what’s in front of it. At first, it calls the buggy a semi-truck, which was then instantly replaced by a truck turning backwards and coming towards Tesla, as shown on the infotainment screen. Finally, being confused by the horse’s legs, the vehicle’s self-driving software identifies a man as well, who is seen moving towards the semi-truck in the video. You can watch the video below:

Seeing all the mess, we can say how vulnerable the self-driving software of Tesla is. The video has encountered a huge critique on part of Tesla’s autonomous software that can be clearly seen in hot waters after this viral video. The video was captured outside of Zurich, Switzerland. Hence, we can say how miserably these artificially intelligent systems failed if not been programmed with proper consideration. These driving assistant programs are a clear example of how they couldn’t work at par with human intelligence, by being unable to recognize the majority of the incidents that happen on the roads daily.

In reaction to the video, Igor Susmelj, who is a co-founder of AI software company Lightly, satired and said, “I wonder how many carriages the model has seen during training.” These constantly arising issues from Tesla’s Full Driving Software, known as Beta, have alerted the experts as well, and they are now investigating the software. On the other hand, US officials are also conducting an inquiry related to the prevailing issues as there have been several reports registered over the failure of Tesla’s Autopilot system that resulted in several collisions.

Coupled with this, Tesla has been seen struggling with all of these issues for a long time. You might remember how Tesla cut about 200 autonomous driving jobs in June from its office in San Mateo, California, and is continuously striving to bring its autonomous systems up to par with the expected performance levels. Not only this, but the head of Tesla’s AI department, Andrej Karpathy, also resigned from the job, last month. All these successive events are portraying the picture of how Tesla is struggling with its artificial intelligence systems.

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