Watch A Sewage Truck Explode And Throw Poopy Water Everywhere


As they say sometimes, sh*t happens.

Recently a video footage on YouTube was released showing the street near the Altufyevo subway station in Moscow. The road got into a very… stinky situation.

The clip begins with the vehicle stopping at the traffic signal. Suddenly, the sewage tank running a car ahead exploded in the middle of the stationary traffic with murky poop water spurting in all directions. Watch the video that you shouldn’t but will anyway:


The cars immediately behind and on either sides of the tanker got the worst of it. Luckily, their windows were up. Although no one was physically hurt, we believe that the experience probably scarred some people for life. Yes I know, it is gross. I dare you to watch it 10 times. Let us know in comments how many times you pressed replay.

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