Watch A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Get Completely Disassembled

Whenever there is a new phone in the market, there is always someone out there who wants to rip it piece by piece for ‘research purposes’, and this time, it was Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3’s turn to face the music.

Last week, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold3 which was a treat for Samsung fans and foldable phone enthusiasts. And it wasn’t long till we got to see a teardown video of the new phone thanks to PBKreviews taking the lead and providing the internet with what they desire the most; disassembling of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and showing you its insides literally.

The disassembling expert starts by removing the sim tray from the phone followed by applying heat to the backplate and the screen display to weaken the adhesive that holds together the cover. And voila! Just like that, the glass back is off the phone. The back also contains the camera lens’ glass cover and cables attached to the secondary microphone. Similarly, the screen is removed from the panel which uncovers to show 14 different screws which need to be unscrewed to further remove the top cover which houses one of the speakers. After further unscrewing and removing covers, the expert separates the electrical board which has the selfie camera lens attached to it, followed by uncovering the bottom speaker panel. This goes on until the whole phone is disassembled and isn’t recognizable anymore. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of how the disassembling actually happens, you might find it interesting and actually intrigued to see the different components that make up the phone. 

The expert also gives instructions and explains the steps along the way in case you’re thinking of disassembling the phone yourself (Fair warning though, this is performed by a trained professional so please don’t try this at home, you could damage a perfectly good and expensive working phone)

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