Watch A Rivian R1T Truck Retrieve A Boat It Launched Into Bear Lake


Rivian states that the R1T electric pickup can go up to 3 feet (91 centimeters) of water, which is substantially more than a traditional ICE equivalent and some owners are putting this capability to good use.

The owner decided to reveal the boat without a conventional marina because if he does that, he would have had to spend hours waiting in line. Idaho’s Lake Bear is also famous for its beach that gradually transcends into the water, allowing specially prepared vehicles (sometimes even tractors) to enter the water if needed to extract boats, especially when there is a storm.

But with its high wading depth and no need for a snorkel or any kind of modifications, all you seem to have to do is put the R1T’s suspension in its highest setting and just drive in until it’s deep enough so the boat can move on its own. R1T has been making very difficult tasks seem easy and it seems to be giving owners the confidence to push their vehicles to the best of their ability.

The recovery of the boat is a little more twisted than the launch as the truck had to be backed into the lake with the trailer attached. But once the boat was attached, the Rivian just powered out of the lake thanks to the massive torque from its four individual motors.


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