Watch A Retired Space Station Module Burn Up In The Atmosphere

Most of the news these days roams around the advancements made in space travel and the milestones achieved by the scientists and researchers belonging to different companies of different countries. They tell how much closer we are to colonize mars or finally make an extraterrestrial migration. Also, they focus on the designing of unique and innovative vehicles and spacecraft that make all these objectives possible and practical.

This past week, the Pir model made by Russia permanently stopped working. It is being called the retirement of the module. As a result, it was separated from the International Space Station. The module had been in space for the past 20 years and would have celebrated the 20-year anniversary in a month’s time.

The module was released to fall back on the earth. The detachment was vividly seen and observed by the people in the space station for a generous 6 minutes. It fell and annihilated into shining and glistening parts that seemed like a shooting star,  according to

However, before you get despondent on the fact that this mesmerizing light show was only available for the eyes of the people in the space station and not for the earthlings, there is good news. The French ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet recorded the entire panorama and uploaded it online so everyone could have a chance to marvel at the exquisite sight.

The exit of Pir is considered less dramatic than the entry of Nauka. Nauka had knocked the space station off the orbit it was always on by a few degrees and the entire station was made to move in small spins before it regained balance and orbit.

The French astronaut states that the people on earth could have very well mistaken the module as a shooting star due to its fireball outlook. He advises making a wish nevertheless, although it might be another of the modules.

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