Watch A Raven Assault A Google Coffee Delivery Drone

These are confusing times, for humans and birds alike.

Recently a raven in Canberra, Australia mistook a drone for its long-lost cousin Kevin and started attacking it to get revenge for its fallen comrade (Now that would be an interesting sci-fi movie plot) The poor drone (or was it?) was being used by a local business to send coffee to a customer in the area when the raven decided “Not today

The video was captured by none other than the customer that had ordered the coffee named Ben Roberts which shows the bird attacking the drone belonging to Wing, a company owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) which led to the drone making an emergency landing. Thankfully the coffee was intact and didn’t spill on landing.

It seems like this isn’t the first time that birds have felt threatened by the presence of these drones. “It’s a matter of time before they bring one down,” said Roberts. According to him, the ravens have now successfully managed to avoid the drone blades while they ruthlessly attack the flying object and it won’t be long till they gang up against the drones and fight till the end. (I would pay to see this movie in the cinema) “They think it’s Terminator or something,” he told the newspaper.

A spokesperson for Wing told the Times that the company is investigating this incident “to ensure we continue to have minimal impact on birdlife” and has halted their drone services in the suburb of Harrison for the time-being. In the iconic words of Wayne Condon, drone specialist and instructor, “At the end of the day, it’s their sky and we are the visitor. Fingers crossed if you act fast enough, you’ll be able to save your aircraft and not injure the bird!

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