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Watch A Pilot Navigating A £68,000 Flying Vehicle Called The Jetson One

Whether it is The Jetsons or Harry Potter, flying cars have become an indispensable part of science fiction blockbusters. 

Developers from a startup in Sweden have come up with a personal flying vehicle that they claim can be flown by anyone. They have named it Jetson One and it is priced at £68,000. The developers seem to have taken inspiration from The Jetsons with their futuristic flying vehicle, making the name apt.

The firm posted a clip on YouTube and the firm said: ‘At Jetson we are working hard so you are able to experience the purest form of flight on your own.’

In the video, an unnamed pilot is expertly navigating the flying vehicle over fields and trees. 

The company has already shown how the vehicle can be flown over water.  

Peter Ternström, one of the co-founders of Jetson, said: ‘The first time I flew it, it felt amazing — it’s completely vibration-free so it’s nothing like a helicopter or airplane.’

‘It’s totally new and it’s euphoric. We are opening another dimension for people.’

He added: ‘But we have a vision way beyond the Jetson One — we want to make a two-seater flying car in four years.

‘By the end of the decade, we want a four-seater flying car on the market, one that can replace a normal family car, and everyone will want it.

‘We want to make cities a better place to live and mass transport is going to need to change to do that — everything is going up in the air!

‘People think it’s crazy but we believe everyone can be a pilot by the end of the decade. Evolution happens fast.’

Ternström and co-founder Tomasz Patan came up with Jetson in 2017 after first thinking of the concept several years earlier.

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