Check Out This Amazing 3D Printed Super Bike Called The Dagger

Pic Credits: mashable

Los Angeles Auto Show, adorned one of the most fascinating super bike, which would be a dream for any biking enthusiast. The bike looked the perfect blend of class and style, but it wasn’t the centre of attention just because of its design and looks. The motorcycle managed to turn hundreds of heads because of the method used in manufacturing the bike, you guessed it, 3D printing! 

The bike is called, “The Dagger” and incredibly, it’s fabrication was finished just a day before it was displayed on the show. The 3D-printed chassis used a carbon fibre structure, making it about 50 percent lighter than the contemporary motorcycle materials, as claimed by its manufacturing company Divergent 3D. This makes it significantly more fuel efficient, and adding to that the bike is also incredibly strong, courtesy the carbon fibre properties.

Pic Credits: mashable

While parts like the gearheads, motor etc are extracted from a Kawasaki H2 supercharged sportbike, rest of the bike was entirely 3D printed, and the company expressed their motive towards making a fully 3D printed bike in the future.

The Dagger is different from other 3D-printed motorcycles such as the APWORKS Light Rider and Energica Ego, in that it is the first ever attempt to create a two-wheeled bike by the company Divergent 3D with the bike’s efficiency and performance at the forefront.

After the successful debut of Divergent 3D’s bike, the company has been focused on improving their manufacturing process and collaborating with the French conglomerate PSA Groupe to make the 3D printing technology a standard in the automotive industry.

Pic Credits: mashable

Divergent 3D CEO Kevin Czinger talked about this aim,

“The partnership with PSA Group is to bring about standard vehicles built on our technology in the next few years. These cars are showing how creative and diverse and divergent you can be if you have the tools and a low cost way to build cool stuff.”

The creation of The Dagger goes to show that Czinger’s company can replicate the 3D printing process for manufacturing just about anything. He added,

“This is to show that we have a front end where we can develop a vehicle within a wide range, from a motorcycle to a truck. It’s a platform that will allow you to design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of vehicles.”

Pic Credits: mashable

The ultimate aim for Czinger is to create a much more diverse and easily accessible manufacturing culture for the smaller companies, which will break the current status quo in the automotive industry and will breed an era of higher quality, innovation and growth.

“The ultimate vision is years from now because of lowered costs, we’re going to go from tens of car companies globally to thousands using this platform,” he said.

Pic Credits: mashable

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