Watch A New Leaked Video That Reveals The Interior Of SpaceX’s Starships

Seeing footage from inside a spacecraft is not something that happens every other day. However, a new video claims to show the exceptionally large and exciting interior of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft prototype.

The video, which is captioned “Hell yeah!” shows the wide area, which includes multiple tanks built to house high-pressure gases. However, no one knows the video’s source or whether it’s genuine or not.  

Although, one thing’s for sure: the Starship is a massive rocket. When installed on top of its Super Heavy rocket, it will be 400 feet tall and 475 feet tall with its launch stand. The diameter of the rocket alone is 30 feet, roughly the same as a typical urban townhouse. So it has enough room for cargo and passengers on their way to the Moon or Mars.

SpaceX hasn’t specified how it plans to fill all that unused space, but CEO Elon Musk has pitched the launch platform as a way to transport up to 100 passengers at once.

“The crew configuration of Starship includes private cabins, large common areas, centralized storage, solar storm shelters and a viewing gallery,” reads a five-page PDF user manual published by SpaceX.

Furthermore, when in orbit, the spaceship has ample room to gather debris. Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president and COO, addressed it last year. The cabin is spacious enough, with life support systems, insulation, and shielding taking up a large amount of space.

Nonetheless, SpaceX must first demonstrate that Starship is capable of traveling to space safely. So let’s see how Elon Musk’s initiative turns out.

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