Watch A New AI-Powered Robotic Battle Tank Blowing Up Vehicles Like Its Nothing

Milrem Robotics, an Estonian robotics and autonomous systems firm, has posted a new video depicting an AI-powered tank destroying cars and other objects.

The video provides a chilling glimpse into next-generation warfare. During the final test, Milrem teamed with Norway’s Kongsberg Protection and Aerospace to equip the tank with a 30mm gun, as seen below:

Milrem Robotics claims that the Type-X tank will allow troops to “break through enemy defensive positions with a minimal threat” by giving them comparable or higher firepower and tactical utility of concluding the assault with infantry combat vehicles.

In addition, AI is driving the tank’s navigation and obstacle detection programmes, giving it an advantage over stronger human attackers. The tank might also be equipped with heavy weapons, anti-tank missiles, and tethered drones for long-range surveillance.

“You need to ship them to take essentially the most harmful positions as a result of it is there [are] no males in there,” stated Gert Hankewitz, head of market and export management at Milrem Nationwide safety.

“If it blows up, everybody within the manned autos behind it stays protected.”

Furthermore, the company plans to build THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System), an unmanned floor vehicle that may give troops transport and detect and neutralise IEDs.

It is not a fallacy to assume that this is the future of warfare — and it appears to be more horrible than it has ever been.

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