Watch A Massive Dust Storm Engulf A Whole City In Brazil

If you thought tornadoes were bad, wait till you see this dust storm.

In a video shared on Reddit that looks like something out of an apocalyptic world, shows a massive dust storm hovering over the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil and engulfing even the tallest of buildings found in the city. This dust storm is a result of a severe drought that affected the region with no rain for 100 days and the situation is going from bad to worse. Add in the ongoing Amazon rainforest’s deforestation this is an alarming sign for the area’s ecological health.

About 12.3 million residents in Sao Paolo had to endure the heavy winds and dust storm that targeted the city on Sunday. According to reports from the residents, visibility was very low and forced merchants to shut their shops and doors to avoid further damage. Ironically, the gigantic dust storm was followed by a massive rainstorm, the first in many months which led to further catastrophic results as the city was flooded with a mixture of water and dust as reported by Gulf Today. As the original post on Reddit explained, a dust storm of this magnitude was unheard in this region which makes it even more concerning for the affected people.

The real cause of the dust storm is still not evident whether it was caused by climate change or the arid conditions followed by a drought that led to this dust-filled windy encounter but the rise in temperature and lack of rainfall can easily be traced back to changing climate. Unless we do something together, these storms might become a regular occurrence in other parts of the world as well as the world is collapsing from climate change at a faster rate than before.  

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