Watch A Labyrinth-Like 20-Lane Interchange In China In Action

This magnificent Huangjuewan flyover, also known as the 20-lane interchange, has been one of the unusual engineering marvels of the world. The compounded network of roads was first unveiled to the public in 2017 and was “partially opened” to them at that time. The flyover received a huge response from the public in the form of shock and amazement. But the most anticipated question is, “Why was it even built?” That’s quite a valid query, and as a matter of fact, concerns were also raised about the time when it would become bewildered by a large number of vehicles on all of these twenty lanes.

It should also be considered that around eight million people reside in the vicinity of this gigantic flyover, and concerns about excessive noise pollution were also being raised. But let’s come to the point of the purpose of constructing it in the first place. According to one of the officials in this construction project, the interchange was fabricated in 2017 and it was built in compliance with the “complicated landform of Chongqing Municipality in northwest China.” He said that the main aim behind this project was to develop a link between the airport, the city, and an expressway.

You would be amazed to know that the highest level of the road is built at an elevation of about a 12-storey building. The whole interchange comprises 15 ramps and those twenty lanes extend in eight possible directions, having a length of about 10 miles (16.4 km) at the interchange. It is to be noted that the initial work regarding this project was already started in 2009 but the whole idea was accomplished back in 2017. However, people are always rocked by shock and disbelief whenever they take a glance at this unimaginable creature but hats off to the resilience of the engineers and project managers who made the construction of this complex interchange possible.

Some people make jokes about the flyover by pointing out its complex nature. One of the users on the internet gave a tribute to his GPS (Global Positioning System) and at the same time felt pity about it for making out the most complex routes. Another user said, “Who am I? Where am I? My GPS told me: go where you want and leave me alone! ” However, on a serious note, this unusual interchange is an incredible scientific feat of its own and is proving to be a well-established player in managing traffic efficiently.

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