Watch How It Is To Travel Inside A Hyperloop Pod


SpaceX recently held a nationwide competition in Cape Canaveral, judged by Elon Musk himself. The competition encouraged the participants to make the idea of the super fast transportation pod, known as Hyperloop, a reality. The competition had over 100 teams gathered to lock horns, with 30 going into the second round while only three could make it to the last stage.

SpaceX has recently released a video of one of the pods in action, available in VR and 3D versions. This footage was shot from the SpaceX test vehicle, which is used to get the pods up, before letting them move through the tube.

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While the video gives a 360-degree view, there is nothing to watch other than the pod zooming through the sparsely lit tube. The pod is powered by a dune buggy with giant wheels.

The original white paper for the Hyperloop aims to make the pod go at the speed of sound, but for now, the top speed for the competition, according to The Verge, was clocked at 58 miles per hour. The project seems to require at least ten more years to evolve into something practical, but at least the idea is shooting off in the right direction!

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