Watch A Heroic Truck Driver Drive A Burning Oil Tanker Out Of A City And Save Scores Of Lives

Three days ago, a daunting incident happened in Quetta, a city in Pakistan, that left the nation in shock. It has been reported that the heavy-duty vehicle, specifically an oil tanker, was seen in blazing flames on Quetta’s Qambrani road and was rushing towards the other end of the road. The witnesses explained that the courageous act of the driver saved many lives when the oil tanker caught fire on the petrol pump. The driver, Muhammad Faisal, when he saw the terrifying scene, took off with his vehicle at a very high speed and started heading towards a far-flung area that is not populated.

“When I saw the fire, I rushed to drive away despite the roaring flames.” I thought the oil tanker would explode and I would die.” Muhammad Faisal said. His main intention was to save the public without regard for his own life. The thick black fumes of smoke started emerging from the tanker, and on seeing the horrifying scene, the people started shouting and begging the truck driver to stop it.

The distressing thing was that the tanker contained 10,000 liters of petrol and it was displaying huge destruction. According to Faisal, “My primary concern was to save human lives.” I thought I would die, but I was concerned about the population. I was mentally prepared for my death.” It was a do-or-die situation because every time he thought of stopping the truck, some people appeared from nearby areas, and this made him continue driving the burning truck.

But finally, he managed to put an end to this scary journey and immediately rushed out of the vehicle. The approaching people reached out immediately and were successful in quenching the fire. Hats off to the bravery of the driver, whose immediate decision-making saved a lot of lives and the nearby areas from destruction.

The local government has also acknowledged his esteemed efforts and, recently, Faisal was awarded a bravery prize worth Rs. 0.5 million by Baluchistan Chief Minister Mir Quddus Bizenjo. The whole nation will always remain in debt for his extraordinary efforts. His valiant efforts are well appreciated and recognized at the national level.

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