Watch A Guy Take Off With An Electric Backpack Helicopter

If the craziest idea of flying an electric helicopter strapped to your back has ever occurred to you, you know now what it would look like.

CopterPack, an Australian company just teased the second generation of its part-helicopter, part-jetpack design. It is still not sure if it will be fully practical and operational. Also, safety is not guaranteed yet.

The flashy video was shared on YouTube this week. It shows a man taking off into the night sky, with an epic skyline serving as the backdrop.

Since 2021, very little is known about the CopterPack outside of the “Mission Impossible”-esque demonstration videos released by the company.

Two whirring sets of drone-style blades attached to a backpack harness lift the wearer up into the sky where they appear to control it with two joysticks attached to some supports.

For feats like this, safety features are vital to be mentioned. However, there’s basically no information about safety features, design specifics, or anything else that makes the CopterPack work.

The CopterPack site is quite evasive when it comes to details, claiming that the company’s “electric backpack helicopter” is constructed out of a lightweight “carbon fiber honeycomb” and comes with “a self-leveling autopilot.”

The site does, however, state that the CopterPack is still “in the development stage,” and the company has yet to announce any plans to sell its helicopter backpack to consumers.

More information is expected to come soon.

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