Watch A Guy Deep Clean A Car After 12 Years

Car enthusiasts love witnessing the transformation of old, run-down cars into their original magnificent state. The Eagle Talon TSi serves as a perfect example of how effective detailing techniques can make a car appear unbelievably fresh.

WD Detailing took on the challenge of restoring this all-wheel-drive coupe, which had been abandoned for 12 years and had lost its engine in the past. The car had missing exterior panels and was covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime. Inside, it was plagued by mold and dirt, rendering it an unpleasant place to be.

The restoration process began with the wheels. They were heavily sprayed with cleaning solutions and power-washed to remove dirt. Some damage was visible, and the wheel caps and several lug nuts were missing. Nevertheless, they showed potential for restoration.

To clean the car’s body, a power rinse was performed to eliminate as much accumulated dirt as possible. A degreaser and thorough brushing were used to clean behind the gas cap, an area often overlooked at the start of detailing, which could ruin the entire process if grime is washed out later.

After the rinse, the car was treated with full-body foam and sponges to remove stubborn buildup. The team used an unconventional method of using a clay pad on a power buffer to clay bar the car due to the poor condition of the paint. This sped up the claying process significantly.

Next, a polish was applied to complete the exterior restoration. Unfortunately, the front fenders and pop-up headlights couldn’t be salvaged due to a flaking clear coat. However, the rest of the car regained an acceptable shine after being covered in dirt for so long.

The interior restoration involved vacuuming as a primary step, along with removing and cleaning all disassembled trim pieces. The seats, center console, and door cards, which were covered in mold, were satisfactorily sprayed and steam cleaned to restore them to a nearly fresh condition. Although some stains remained on the carpet, treating it with a degreaser and using a wet-and-dry vacuum greatly improved its appearance.

It’s truly satisfying to witness this 1990s classic car evolve from a filthy wreck to a promising project. Let’s hope it receives a new turbo engine soon, allowing it to unleash joyful four-wheel burnouts in the near future.

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