Watch A Full Self-Driving Tesla Successfully Navigate Through ‘Drunk And Crooked’ Roads In California

You all must be aware of Tesla’s cutting-edge marvel of technology, i.e., the Full Self-Driving Beta car. In this week’s news, we have found a very interesting video of this car that is making rounds on the internet, but for good reasons. It has been reported that the car remained successful in navigating a “drunk” lane when the company deployed it on the road to test the versatility of the autonomous driving software.

Reports were circulating that a contractor recently painted a street named “Hollister” in California. The painting was done after the city’s authorities had decided to redesign the street and make space for “bike lanes and traffic circles.” The major issue arose when the contractors painted the lines in an erroneous zig-zag pattern instead of the curved pattern, as reported by the local news channel “KKTV.” As soon as the video was published online, a Tesla owner with FSD Beta also shared the video on his Reddit account, demonstrating how skilfully the vehicle cruised and navigated a slight error in the driving lanes.

It has to be noted that software 10.13 was installed in this autonomous vehicle. Although it has not been commercialized officially, it magnanimously maintained a consistent speed by keeping track of its own lane without being diverted. On the other hand, Tesla revealed on Monday that its new and upcoming casting machines are the driving force behind making the manufacturing process of its cars simple and sophisticated. These casting machines would cater to the complex and strategic production goals of the company, which would give it an edge over its competitors in the market.

However, Tesla stated on Twitter, “Our huge casting machines enable us to make full-size cars the same way toy cars are made.”  Similarly, Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla, said, “Single-piece casting reduces weight, greatly simplifies factory, increases ride quality and reduces road noise.” He further stated,

“We have now deployed our FSD Beta with City Streets driving capability to over 100,000 owners—they’re very happy with the capability of the system and we’ll continue to improve it every week. We’ve now driven over 35 million miles with FSD Beta. That’s more autonomous miles than any company we’re aware of, I think probably more than — it might be more than any other company combined. So—and that mileage is growing exponentially. “

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