Watch A Drone Rescue A Drowning Boy Off The Coast Of Spain

Sometimes, technology is a savior, and we are lucky enough to live in the technological era. This recent life-saving incident of a young boy will further deepen your reliance on technology. A life-threatening incident happened on July 1, 2022, near the coast of Sagunto in Valencia, Spain, when a boy was found fighting for his life in the strong waves of water. Yellow flags were flying all over the water to indicate to the swimmers to remain cautious while swimming due to the strong waves and currents of the sea.

As you can see in the video above, the rogue surface waves in this giant sea swell are making it difficult for the boy to carry on further with his life. He was on the verge of losing his life when suddenly the local lifeguard service came to the rescue through their “first responder drones”. These incredible drones were able to save five lives during the year in events like these. They are equipped with a lifejacket which is automatically released by these drones. The life jacket is integrated with a chord so that it doesn’t detach due to the effect of strong waves.

It can be seen that the drone immediately reaches the boy and deploys the life jacket, which the boy manages to wear after a lot of struggling. On the other hand, two responders in the jet skies came just a few minutes after the drone, and one of them took hold of the boy. In this way, the boy was being rescued from the deadly waves. They then admitted the boy to a nearby hospital where he remained under examination for a night and was then discharged on the next day, i.e., July 2.

According to the mayor of Sagunto, named “Dario Moreno,” “Since June, we have seen five rescues in which life jackets were quickly deployed from the air while lifeguards made their way to the scene.” General Drones is the company behind the manufacturing of these incredible drones. It was reported that the formation of the company was a result of a partnership between two fellows named “Adrian Plazas and Enrique Fernandez”. According to them, they got the inspiration to build such life-saving drones when a woman died in front of them after being rescued from the water.

They said that if someone had saved her just a few minutes before the actual time, she would have been alive now. Due to this heart-wrenching incident, both of them decided to build a robust drone that can easily hold out against the windy and wavy conditions at the sea and reaches the victim in no time. And in this way, these incredible “General Drones” came into progress and are now providing their services to about twenty beaches across Spain. The company has also received an “innovation award” in Valencia, Spain for its magnanimous services in search and rescue missions.

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