Watch A Cybertruck Getting Towed By A Ford Pickup After Getting Stuck On A Small Hill

The rugged and futuristic Tesla Cybertruck recently found itself in an unexpected situation, caught on camera as it was being towed by a Ford pickup in a snowy off-road scenario. The video, shared by car enthusiast Matt Chambers on Instagram under the username @mchambers_22, quickly gained traction on social media, especially on Elon Musk’s platform, formerly known as Twitter.

In the footage, the Tesla Cybertruck is seen struggling with its wheels spinning in a snow-covered field, embedded with a pine tree in its bed. The rescue mission was led by a Ford pickup, slowly pulling the Cybertruck out of the challenging terrain. According to Chambers, the incident occurred on Corral Hollow Trail, an off-roading site in Bear Valley, California.

Chambers mentioned in his Instagram post that the Cybertruck had slid off a trail specifically designed for off-highway vehicles. He credited his friends for rescuing the Tesla, stating, “No clue how he was so far off trail.” According to Chambers, the driver identified himself as a Tesla engineer, suggesting that the Cybertruck was likely undergoing winter testing.

An interesting detail emerged from Chambers’ account, claiming that a software issue had affected the Cybertruck’s traction control, rendering it unable to navigate the challenging terrain effectively. Additionally, he noted that the particular Tesla was a prototype lacking towing points or hitches, requiring a gentle tow by its suspension components.

Chambers pointed out that the Cybertruck lacked locking differentials, a feature that improves traction on difficult terrains, attributing it to software issues. Furthermore, he mentioned that the tires were not “aired down” to enhance traction. Tesla has not yet responded to inquiries regarding these claims.

While some critics took the opportunity to mock the incident, questioning the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities, others defended the electric pickup, suggesting that the mishap could be attributed to user error. This incident follows a pattern, as a previous video surfaced showing a different Cybertruck struggling on an off-road course, reinforcing that Tesla is still refining the vehicle’s capabilities as it gradually ramps up production after delivering its initial dozen Cybertrucks last month.

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