Watch A Cybertruck Getting Stuck On The Beach And Getting Pulled Back

In a very embarrassing incident, a Tesla Cybertruck driver recently found himself in hot water after driving onto Marina State Beach near Monterey, California. The 5,500-pound truck got stuck in the sand, requiring the driver and his partner to be pulled back to safety. In the video shared on social media, two men are seen fighting to get the truck back to safety and the audience laughs at this image. This incident has inflicted further damage to the reputation of the truck, as this isn’t the first time the Cybertruck has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Cofounder of the iPhone photography app Halide, Sebastiaan de With also shared his thoughts on the event and dubbed the motorist’s behavior a “paradigm of poor life decision-making.” It appears that many others think along these lines because ever since the Cybertruck became available to the public, it has already been a part of other unfortunate events like a YouTuber trying to drive it into water and incidents where wheels broke off during testing.

Some of these incidents may have been caused by human error; however, they only serve to reveal the trend of irresponsible Cybertruck owners making terrible decisions. Contrary to its boasting of robustness, the Cybertruck has shown little grit under certain terrains and conditions, including snow, ice, and, in this case, soft sand.

The State Parks Department cited the driver in this recent instance, serving as a warning that even highly advanced automobiles like the Cybertruck are subject to the rules of nature and common sense. This particular misadventure of a Cybertruck is a cautionary story for people who could overestimate its capabilities or misunderstand the difficulties of off-road driving, even as it continues to garner attention.

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