Watch A Corvette’s Turbo Being Used As Smoothie A Maker And Spinning Fruit At An Immense Speed

No one possibly could have thought of making a smoothie maker using a turbo, but it is real.

While this might be one of the most unexpected occurrences you encounter today, it’s sure to evoke a reaction. The YouTube channel “Cleetus McFarland,” led by Garrett Mitchell and his friends, involves them subjecting various items to the power of an 88-millimeter Turbo from a Corvette.

The turbo operates at an astonishing speed of 300,000 rotations per minute, indicating that tampering with it is no trivial matter. Nevertheless, the treatment they subject it to seems like a form of torture in its own right.

The subsequent step involves introducing multiple objects into the turbo’s path. This results in the items getting crushed with surprising efficiency, ranging from Slim Jims to a breast implant and assorted items sourced from eBay. Certain elements were reduced to shreds suitable for making juice, while others were flung into the surrounding space.

The real fun started when they picked the momentum and started throwing everything they could get a hold of. This is where things escalated into chaos.

You’d see some smoke coming out from the turbo, which according to the Drive, could be a reason for mounting it the wrong way. They said that quite a visible haze was probably caused due to the melted silicone.

While it might be entertaining for viewers, it’s safe to assume that the turbo did not particularly enjoy this treatment. See for yourself below!

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