Watch A Climate Activist Give An Interview While Being Taken Away

As our planet heads towards global warming and drastic climatic conditions, there are some environmentalists who are raising their voices against the unjust policies of the government that will cause harm to the environment in the long run. An incident of a similar kind happened on London’s Waterloo Bridge recently in which a woman named “Lora”, identified as an environmental activist of a renowned company, was found protesting and targeting the new policy of the U.K. government, i.e., “to issue up to 130 new oil drilling licenses.” Consequently, the woman was detained by the police officers present on the bridge. Watch the video below to get an insight into the incident:

It should be noted that the new prime minister of Britain, Liz Truss, has ordered the issuance of 130 new oil drilling licenses, and Lora, being an environmental activist, knew how destructive it would be for the environment. Not only this, but the United Nations also warned the UK against the infliction of such policies, but regardless of the warnings, such types of policies are still making the headlines. The woman, while protesting, screamed and said, “I’m doing this for my son.” It should be noted that the video made the rounds on different social media platforms and accumulated more than 11 million views on Twitter.

Coupled with this, the cameraperson, Zoe Broughton, recorded Lora’s concerns, in which she said, “The government’s inaction on climate change is a death sentence for us all.” However, it should be noted that the woman is associated with a famous UK-based climate action group, known as “Just Stop Oil,” which symbolizes its mission and vision with orange shirts, like the one that Lora can also be seen wearing in the video. Moreover, this climate action group also works to arrest all those people who are blindly following the climate-destructive instructions of the government and are not taking any action for their future generations.

According to the reports revealed by the Global Witness non-governmental organization, around 1,700 environmental activists were put to death over the last decade, and this could account for the killing of two people per day for the last decade. The report is definitely daunting because climate activists have been treated very badly after putting their lives in danger. After all, we can’t guarantee which nightmare we are heading onto.

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