Watch A Can Of Coke Freezing Mid-Pour In Antarctica

In a captivating display of extremely cold weather, scientist Matty Jordan stationed at Scott Base in Antarctica shared a fascinating video that showcased the freezing of Coca-Cola mid-pour at a bone-chilling temperature of -57°C (-71°F).

According to Jordan, this moment captured the coldest weather experienced throughout the year in that region. Inspired by photographer Jeff Capps, who conducted a similar experiment using A&W root beer, Jordan decided to delve into this unique Antarctic phenomenon.

Facing the harsh conditions of -57°C, Jordan emphasized the rarity and significance of such an occurrence. With ambient temperatures plummeting to -40°C and winds gusting at 12 knots, the combination resulted in an astonishing -57°C. Undeterred by the formidable weather, Jordan embarked on various other experiments to unravel the mysteries of this frigid environment.

Reflecting on his experiences, Jordan admitted that the endeavor proved more arduous than initially anticipated. Nevertheless, his motivation stemmed from the inspiration he derived from Jeff Capps’ video, where pouring a can of A&W root beer into a glass yielded captivating results in the South Pole.

This captivating footage serves as a testament to the extreme nature of the Antarctic climate and the scientific curiosity it inspires. While enduring the harshest of conditions, scientists like Matty Jordan push the boundaries of knowledge, shedding light on the remarkable phenomena that occur in this remote and icy landscape.

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