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Watch A Breathtaking Video Of A Superbike Speeding Along The Nürburgring In Wet Weather

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this video is just right for you

Nürburgring is a famous venue for hosting some of history’s important F1 faces and is also considered one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. With a variety of steep elevation changes, blind corners and lack of runoff areas, this track gives even the most experienced drivers quite a challenge to master its roads. But for Andy ‘AndyPath’ Carlisle, it’s like a child’s play.

Andy Carlisle holds the top three slots for the fastest motorcycle laps around Nordschliefe so it won’t be an understatement to say that he knows his way around the 20.8km track and 154 turns quite well by now. His fastest record is from 2012 when he completed the track in a record time of 7 minutes 10 seconds. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you hear that Andy completed the challenge during the ‘tourist drive’ phase when the ring is open for the public so he had to dodge cars and bikes along the way. Talk about a bike enthusiast…

Watch this fast-paced video of Andy Carlisle who decided to take it to the next level this time and ran a lap on the deathly track during the rainy season. Since record attempts are not allowed anymore according to the Nürburgring management team because of the dangers involved, Andy was in no hurry to break any records but completed the lap in ten minutes’ time which by the record, is still the fastest wet motorcycle lap of the Nordschleife. Certain parts of the track get dangerously slippery when wet and considering this was Andy’s first wet lap in more than a year, it’s fortunate that he completed it in one piece and there weren’t any accidents involved.

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