Watch If A $700 iPhone Spinner Can Win Against The $5 Fidget Spinner

iPhone Fidget spinner

Everyone is going crazy over the fidget spinners. We can not pin if it is a good thing or bad, but since it is helping some people struggling with ADHD, we can not complain. Whether or not it is unnecessarily hyped, the little spinners sure are fun to play with. Some of these may come as cheap as $5 unless some crazy person makes one out of a $7,00 iPhone or lots of them.

The guy behind EverythingApplePro was not the first person to heartlessly destroy an iPhone, but at least this one would become a toy. The ruthless creature did not just drill a hole through one iPhone to make it into a spinner, but he did this with four different iPhones. The video went viral with over 3.6 million views and how could it not.

It is a spinning war between the iPhones and the ordinary $5 fidget spinners. Who wins? Honestly, you can answer that with only a little logic. The original toy is much smaller, extremely symmetrical, with a lower center of gravity, so it spins more freely. The iPhones, on the other hand, damp a lot of the spinning energy and do not last nearly as long as the toy does. Of all the iPhone models, however, the iPhone 4S won the fight.

If you are good with watching people drill holes in expensive phones, another Youtuber Dylan Kowalski did the same with Samsung phones, and iPhones. He did this differently, cutting the iPhone in half and making a more handy spinner.

Source: EverythingApplePro


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