Watch This 60,000 PSI Waterjet Slice A Shotgun In Half

waterjet slice shotgun

Water sounds quite harmless unless it is about to drown you. For all other practical reasons, it is literally life. The only way water can kill you is not by drowning alone, but instead of going into a hundred ways water can be fatal, we shall have a look at what a high-pressure waterjet can do to stuff.

This YouTube Waterjet Channel experiments on a variety of things from a Nokia 3310 to a Car Muffler to a car battery and even a Tarantula. This time, the target is a shotgun. You might get your gun, or rifle damaged a bit here or there, but you would have never seen the detailed insides of it. This is precisely what this video by the Waterjet Channel is doing for you.

Watch as a 60,000 PSI waterjet slices through an older bolt action shotgun like a warm knife through butter. It will give the perfect view of how the shotgun operates. You might imagine if it is possible to put the pieces back together, and we highly doubt it is possible.

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