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Watch 500 Drones Light Up The NYC Skyline To Form A Giant Advertisement

A massive drone swarm departed from New Jersey’s shores, flickering over the horizon in a choreographed dance meant to evoke the experience of swiping colorful treats on a mobile screen.

According to a press release, Candy Crush launched 500 pre-programmed light-equipped drones in the New York City sky Thursday night to recreate some elements from the popular game.

The drones were launched from across the Hudson River in New Jersey. Still, they could be seen from lower Manhattan after sundown, transforming into a “candied carnival where viewers can enjoy this surreal takeover of the New York City Skyline,” according to the press release.

Candy Crush’s drone show was first teased in an Oct. 24 video, which showed a drone carrying a character into the night sky with the city skyline in the background.

At the Battery Park Esplanade Plaza event, a 10-minute aerial show was preceded by music, games, food, and drinks.

This was be the second drone show of its kind, according to Gothamist, after a similar event that promoted the NBA Draft in Brooklyn earlier this year. Some people aren’t ecstatic about such stunts, even though it seems to be one of the most extraordinary advertising experiences.

“I think it’s outrageous to be spoiling our city’s skyline for private profit,” state Sen. Brad Hoylman told Gothamist.

“It’s offensive to New Yorkers, to our local laws, to public safety, and to wildlife,” he told the outlet.

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