WATCH: 300m Tall Skyscraper Starts Wobbling By Itself In China

It’s nice seeing someone just vibing and going about their day with a smile on their face but the only thing that shouldn’t be vibing is a skyscraper. So last Tuesday, a tall skyscraper in China just started wobbling slightly left to right. It might have been in a good mood but because it was doing it without any reason, people started getting alarmed. Which eventually led to a mass evacuation of the building.

The skyscraper in question is a 73 story tall building in Shenzen, China. The building is called the SEG plaza and is almost 20 years old. It started wobbling visibly last Tuesday which caused panic and worry for the people outside and inside the building. The Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau immediately called for a mass evacuation and people had no reason to not comply. Who wants to be near a shaking skyscraper?

By the time the evacuation was over, the shaking had stopped but no one could really figure out why the building started wobbling in the first place. The plaza has remained sealed until an exact cause can be figured out. People on the ground mostly suspected that it was an earthquake. This is a good guess to make but nothing except the skyscraper was shaking.

A lot of videos about the incident have since flooded Chinese social media. With a lot of people expressing their concern on Weibo. You can watch one of the videos below.

Though it’s hard to see the building wobbling in the video if you look closely enough you can clearly see that something is definitely wrong. According to the Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, “After checking and analyzing the data of various earthquake monitoring stations across the city, there was no earthquake in Shenzhen today”.

According to other experts “found no safety abnormalities in the main structure and surrounding environment of the building”. Reports say that no further wobbling has been reported and the building looks unharmed at least on the surface. The interior is fine as well except for a few little things that may have fallen due to the shaking.

Another video showed how panicked the people were. Everyone just wanted to get as far away as possible from the skyscraper. If it were to fall, it could have done a significant amount of damage to the area. You can watch the video below.

The skyscraper is the 18th tallest building in Shenzen and has been standing straight since it was built back in 2000. It’s home to a major electronics market and is actually named after electronics manufacturer Shenzhen Electronics Group. The people are very alarmed after the recent events. Some comments on Weibo read “Shenzhen should not use this shaking building again. It’s fit for demolition” and “In today’s cities, there’s no guarantee of the quality of these skyscrapers”.

The wobbling pillars kind of look like the antennae of a crab.

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