Should You Warm Up Your Engine Before Driving The Car? Here Is The Answer

Warm up car

It is quite a common practice to warm up your car engine before you hit the accelerator and drive off, but is it a good idea to let the engine run off to warm itself? The myth has prevailed but the in reality, whether you should or not warm the car engine depends entirely on the type of engine. If your vehicle has a carburetted engine, it might be a good idea, but if it is a fuel injective car, this might not be a good idea.

If you own a fuel injective vehicle, it is best to let a car warm up for a few seconds and then drive off slowly, that way the engine warms up faster than it would otherwise. If yours has a carburetted engine, it is okay to let it warm up a bit longer.

Watch this guy from Engineering Explained show how the unnecessary warming of the engine can cause it to wear more quickly.


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