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Volvo Developing A New Method To Keep Cars Connected On The Road

What if, in the future, cars could talk to one another and warn each other of potential road hazards? Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, is working on just such a system that can bring us closer to the future of interconnected cars and safer roads.

The initiative for cars to share certain information via the cloud has been announced by Volvo along with the Swedish Transportation Administration and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The system would use the experiences of one car that is ahead in the road and share it with other cars approaching the hazard so they are not caught by surprise. For example, cars could share information about traction in real-time and inform other cars on the road about slippery conditions.

If the traction control system in a car experiences a loss in traction at some point in the road, it transmits data to Volvo’s database via a mobile network. Cars behind the first vehicle are then informed of a slippery surface up ahead and its location so they can either slow down or avoid the route completely. At times, it is that little bit of data that can make a difference between getting to your destination safely or a major accident.

This information can also be sent to local transportation administration offices and highway authorities, so they can take appropriate measures to remove the obstacle or potential threat. This new system provides a huge opportunity for the improvement of roads and cars to automakers and governments alike. With it, driving in even the most challenging conditions can become much safer and safe countless lives.