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For Industry, Optical Technology Is Making Clean Change

If you thought the optical technology you find inside your smartphone was advanced, you would be astonished at the level of innovation achieved in support of industry. This sector of technology is so advanced that scientists are now using micron scale tweezers in scientific applications, according to While this seems like incredibly specialized tech, the foundations underpinning this innovation are widespread and making a big impact in everyday industry to help it become clean.
Everyday industries
One area in which you may not immediately perceive the importance of optical tech is in the mechanical automotive sector. The industry as a whole is under pressure to become environmentally friendly; the days of pollution-laden and noisy mechanics may soon be over, according to The Zebra. With value shifted towards a ‘right first time’ way of working, in order to minimize wastage, videoscopes and associated technology are becoming ever more important. Industry leaders SPI Borescopes ( assert that, by offering a clear diagnostic look into a vehicle without any excess work taking place, high quality optical tech is giving a way for businesses to move into the new, cleaner, 21st century.
A maintenance headache
This level of diagnostic capability applies to larger scale projects, too. Take oil and gas engineering, for instance. Typically dirty industries, they are also subject to strict environmental and safety guidelines, and this makes any and all mistakes costly. Once again, the deep diagnostic benefits that modern optical technology can offer makes the process of maintenance far easier, and as a result, sites safer – reducing the chance for engineering environmental incidents.
Future plans
Much of the current innovation being pushed into industrial optical applications surrounds the use of lasers. According to Laser Focus World, federal funds from agencies including NASA are being prioritized towards this technology, and for good reason. While having a high required energy loads, lasers can make use of the ever-expanding renewable energy network to power them. The ultimate in clean optical technology, lasers will allow for a look inside complicated mechanisms as well as high tech maintenance and cutting solutions.
Between these technologies is a huge opportunity for modern industry to go green. Efficiency and cleanliness are the big goals for national and international regulators, and making that a reality will be made easier by the advent of high quality optical tech. With international governments involved, you can only expect to see more innovation in years to come.