Volterman Is A Smart Wallet That Will Never Get Lost

Losing a wallet is probably way worse than losing a kidney! Besides the monetary loss, you have to cancel your credit cards, apply for re-issuance of identity cards and hope against hope that your identity isn’t used in nefarious activities. Whatever you do, you still won’t feel safe!

Volterman is here to cut the hassle, as this new smart wallet is already making a huge scene on its Indiegogo campaign by achieving 100% funding goal in just 1 day!

Fit a touch screen on this and Volterman will become a full-fledged smartphone as the contraption can be used for a variety of operations like charging your phone, pairing it over Bluetooth to work as an alarm clock and even has GPS and 3G connectivity to be located in case it’s lost.

Image Credits: Volterman

The wallet offers RFID protection and wireless charging for your phone while itself can be charged by an optional leather charging pad. It also has USB ports so you can connect a cable to top up your phone’s battery on the go.

The wallet is truly unique as it offers an optional camera feature which works during the “lost” mode. The camera will be used to take a picture of anybody peeking into your contents, which will be sent via internet to your connected account. This could cut down the wallet thefts by multitudes and help track down the perpetrator in a flash.

via Volterman

Volterman wallet comes in three sizes along with cardholder, bi-fold, and travel, and has three different battery ranges from 2,000mAh to 5,000mAh.

The company is promising a ship date of December if the Indiegogo campaign is successful, and while the date is very ambitious, it is not completely impossible.

If you like the concept and the idea behind, you can place an early-bird order of the wallet for only $98 here. Watch the advertisement video below!

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