Volkswagen’s Electrify America Is Making New ‘Human-Centered’ EV Charging Stations

Recharging an electric automobile takes far longer than a five-minute conventional fill-up. So, it seems to make sense that charging points should be a little more friendly and comfy than the ordinary, run-down service station. The electric charging facility of the future, as imagined by Electrify America, seems very much like a luxury terminal for privileged travelers at the airport than the conventional “gas and go” emporiums where we fill our vehicles, buy a packed meal, and get back in the car in 3 minutes straight. Electrify America refers to its new approach as “human-centered,” and it might be a watershed moment in how EV charging is done away from the home. In the coming decades, Electrify America intends to develop numerous “human-centered” charging courtyards in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, and Beverly Hills. A couple of these enhanced charging stations will also be installed in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

VW's Electrify America unveils new 'human-centered' EV charging stations -  Magmint - Magmint

According to The Verge, the goal of Electrify America is to make fueling as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. The new locations will place a premium on convenience, reliability, and services. According to the firm, the idea is to provide a “more appealing changeover to an electric car lifestyle than typical petrol stations.” These innovative designs will assist in enhancing our clients’ charging expertise, expanding on the basis of our ultra-fast and dependable shoreline network. ” Electrify America is also launching a revamped EV charger with a smaller profile and updated settings. The charging capacity of the ultra-fast adapters will range between 150 and 350 kilowatts. They stand approximately 8 feet tall and have curved panels to decrease sun exposure.

VW' Electrify America Reveals Car Chargers With Lounges, Valet Parking

Charging on car trips is currently a 30-minute or longer process. People like to wait in a location where they believe they will be secure and protected. A savvy store will quickly realize that there are commercial opportunities connected with fulfilling the requirements of EV drivers who will be immobile for a half hour or so, and no, this does not mean buying a bucket of fried chicken. Operators of electric vehicles have the cash to spend. It shouldn’t take a creative genius to realize the potential of upmarket charging stations. Everything that makes driving an electric car more enjoyable is good news. Hopefully, other charging systems will understand the advantages of improving the charging process for their consumers and fall in line.

VW's Electrify America unveils new 'human-centered' EV charging stations :  r/Futurology

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