Volkswagen’s New Autonomous Self-Driving Car Looks Like A Pissed-Off Bulbasaur

sedric volkswagen

Do you fancy catching a real-life Pokémon of your dreams? The Volkswagen’s first fully autonomous concept vehicle may be your true calling!

Volkswagen’s new Sedric (self-driving car) looks like the beloved Bulbasaur on wheels, with its hunched back look and wide-spaced “eyes.”

But ‘Sedric’ is unlike any former vehicle since the all-electric concept car is supposed to operate with full Level 5 autonomy meaning that unlike the current Tesla and other autonomous vehicles, it will be able to handle the driving part completely by itself and will require no input from the drivers at all!

The car will be able to pick up the riders just at the push of a button. It will be entirely driverless, and since the design is aimed to promote ride sharing, the company claims that in future, these “intensively used vehicles” will help in cutting down traffic and thus, energy consumption.

But the term “future” is a bummer since we won’t see this high-tech Bulbasaur anytime soon. The company isn’t clear on when they can release the real deal for the public and claims that Sedric is still an explicitly forward-looking design concept which will be used as a platform to build better and more advanced autonomous vehicles.

The concept is based on VW’s motive of enhancing “the mobility experience” for everyone. Previously, we witnessed the incredibly fun VW Electric Microbus. We have also seen its autonomous shuttle system adopted by the IRL, that hit the streets of Las Vegas earlier this year in a pilot program.


I just hope that we can achieve level 5 autonomy as soon as possible and get rid of the freak accidents we have with our current self-driving vehicles.

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