Volkswagen Says Goodbye To Iconic Hippie Van

Volkswagen Last edition Kombi 6

Volkswagen Last edition Kombi 5With the advancement that has been going on, many favorites of the past are becoming obsolete and better alternatives are taking over their place. However, we’ll be honest with you, we didn’t expect Volkswagen to cease their production of the famous hippie van. The reason behind the ceasing of this iconic model by Volkswagen is its shortcoming to meet the new safety standards that have been introduced. However, before the production stops; company has decided to manufacture at least one last batch of the particular model so that it can leave this world in style and dignity.

Volkswagen Last edition Kombi Volkswagen Last edition Kombi 6The model will be prepared by Volkswagen Brazil and will be known as ‘Last Series Special Edition Kombi’ and will be the last celebration for the history of this 63 years-old model that has made a history of its own. There will be 600 units which are to be manufactured in this last batch.

Volkswagen Last edition Kombi interior 3 Volkswagen Last edition Kombi interior 2 Volkswagen Last edition Kombi interiorThe design reminds us of the particular ‘skirt and blouse’ band which has always been used to surround the whole bus, while the finish is performed in white color and one can see blue below the waistline. What brings old memories back are the curtains for side windows and rear windows which  come in blue color while the curtain holdbacks have ‘Kombi’ logo embroidered on it. This van will be able to accommodate nine people and will come with white rims for tires. The mini bus will be sold only in Brazil at a price of $35,600. Farewell, Hippie van!

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