Vladimir Putin Wants Russia To Create Its Own Video Game Consoles

A paradigm shift is currently taking place in the gaming sector in Russia as multiple game companies close their accounts. Local media reports suggest that President Vladimir Putin has requested that his government start producing its own video game systems. This includes producing both “stationary and portable game consoles,” along with an OS and cloud system for delivering games to customers.

Russia is the country that brought us Tetris, but the nation’s gaming skill isn’t a dominant force on the global scene, with a few noteworthy exceptions like IL-2 Sturmovik publisher 1C Company and Pathlogic producer Ice-Pick Lodge. 

According to sources in the local media, Putin instructed the government to “weigh requirements for organizing the production of both stationary and portable game consoles in Russia” after a meeting last week. 

According to a Russian source, Putin is also alleged to have given the go-ahead for establishing an operating system and a cloud infrastructure for user game delivery. The deadline for the order is June 15, 2024. 

As much as there is buzz around Russian versions of Microsoft and Sony’s consoles, don’t get your hopes too high. According to reports, industry insiders claim that the expertise to develop their own PlayStation and Xbox consoles is lacking, with estimates suggesting it could take up to a decade to create such systems from scratch. 

According to reports, Putin has assigned this project to VK, a Russian technology firm known for its social media and email services expertise. 

The new plan by Russia comes after gaming companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all ceased operations in Russia in 2022 following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. 

This isn’t the first time Putin has shown interest in gaming. Last year, the Russian president ordered the creation of an esports tournament with various games from Russia and its allied nations, including World Of Tanks and League Of Legends. 

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