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Vivo Drops Its New Phone From A Height Of 103,000 Feet To Test Durability

As a smartphone user, most of us have been clumsy enough to drop our phones. The feeling sucks, and most of us already know the outcome even before the phone makes contact with the ground. However, with the iQOO phone from Vivo, you don’t need even to worry about a small dent if you drop it. While we are at it, you might as well drop it from a height of 103,000 feet, and it will still make it!

The company launched iQOO as a gaming phone in March 2019 and has gone to extremes for demonstrating the durability of the phone. The company even had the iQOO attached to a helium-filled balloon and launched it skywards. The stunt has taken over the Internet, and everyone is talking about it.

The phone was placed on a platform that was custom made. It played a video throughout the journey for the sake of testing its battery performance under extremities. The phone encountered temperatures of -56 degrees Celsius. Once iQOO reached the intended height of 31,540 meters, it was released and started its amazing freefall landing back on Earth.

Upon recovery, it was discovered that the phone was still recording and had only sustained minor damage to the screen protector. During the first part of the journey, iQOO played a video for about 5.5 hours. After that, the handlers on the ground switched it to recording video while the phone made its descent.

The battery of the phone has a capacity of 4,000 mAh and has performed exceptionally well. It comes with a 44w fast charging system that is capable of providing a complete charge within forty-five minutes. The screen measures in at 6.41 inches and the phone has a Snapdragon 855 processor. Drop tests are not unusual for smartphones, but the absurd height of this particular drop test is what sets it apart. Check out the complete video here!