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Here’s The Scientific Reason Why Compressed Gas Cans Get So Cold

Question. Have you ever thought about why compressed air cans are so freezing? For those of you who have, we have the answer for you today. For those of you who haven’t; the folks at Minutephysics did and have made a video explaining the whole phenomenon.

Minutephysics is a well-known YouTube channel that explains various principles of physics via its informative videos. Anyone, who has ever made use of the compressed air can, knows that it can get icy cold. In fact, it can become so cold that the cans feature frostbite warnings.

Some of you might falsely believe that this happens because the gas expands upon coming out of the can and thus cools off. However, that is not true. Minutephysics knows the actual reason why compressed air cans become so cold and will explain it.

The video will explain what really happens inside the compressed air cans. The process involved is the expansion of the gas. The secret behind this freezing property of the cans is the ‘do not shake’ warning that is mentioned on the can.

We won’t be giving you the details over here. Why? Because we want you to check out the amazing video by Minutephysics and understand on your own with the YouTube channel’s help that how the liquid gas can cause the can to become freezing to the extent where it can cause frostbite. Frankly, we are making you watch this video because of its clear and really amazingly illustrated explanation is something that we haven’t seen in a long time. So check out the video below and learn for yourself why compressed air cans are so cold. Don’t forget to tell us about your feedback on this wonderful video by Minutephysics and be sure to share the information with your friends!