‘Virtual Reality’ Helmet Will Let Fighter Pilots See Without Goggles At Night

BAE Systems Striker-1

BAE Striker II helmet-mounted display is the world’s most advanced helmet to date-something any Top Gun would love to wear. The helmet was unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show. It has everything that you can think of from HD display to a built in night vision system and It takes the pilot to the world of augmented virtual reality.

BAE Systems Striker-2

Unlike traditional HUDs which are static, Striker II creates a virtual digital space around the pilot. It creates lots of virtual screens around him and puts the important information on them. The pilot can glance on them as and when needed.

The head-set has a cutting-edge tracking system which ensures pilot’s exact head position. The helmet works in coordination with a camera mounted in the cockpit to determine the exact location where you’re seeing with pin-point accuracy.

The image is thrown to the visor and into the retina and the brain creates a compound image. This means that no time is lost in refocusing.

‘The results are high-precision target tracking and engagement as well as superior situational awareness and mission effectiveness,’ the firm says.

BAE Systems Striker-1

‘Designed to address evolving mission requirements with advanced digital night vision technology, our new HMD was built to be ‘future proof’ and seamlessly adaptable to technology advancements in the years ahead,’ said Joseph Senftle, vice president and general manager for Communications and Controls Solutions at BAE Systems.

With this amazing head-set, the pilots won’t have to wear bulky night goggles which used to be attached to the helmet.

BAE Systems Striker-3


BAE Systems Striker-4

Striker II has passed all certifications required which means that it can protect your head even at 600 knots while ejection. BAE has been inducted in the Eurofighter Typhoon, UK’s most advanced fighter plane ever. The actual flight tests are expected later this year.

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