Viora Is A Redesigned Coffee Cup Lid That Greatly Enhances Your Coffee Experience


The standard on the go coffee lid was introduced back in 1986 and not many changes have been made to it’s design since then. Although the design is quite good when you look at it as a whole, there’s still quite a room of improvement because this particular traditional design basically takes away the aroma and taste of the coffee. How can that be altered? By making use of the Viora Lid introduced by Vapor Path, a company based in Seattle.Viora Lid

The flaw with conventional design is the fact that you drink the coffee with a mouth position that is unnatural and therefore, you miss out on the aroma and flavor of the coffee. The Viora Lid on the other hand, gives the same experience that we all go through when sipping away coffee from a traditional ceramic cup. The peculiar design will allow you to keep your mouth in a natural position that allows you to breathe while sipping coffee, therefore letting you taste the coffee because a part of taste is derived from smell.Viora Lid 4

Viora Lid 2Tipping a cup with Viora lid will result in the drink well to become filled up and you’ll drink from it just like you would enjoy coffee from a regular mug. The indentation on the lid allows room your nose and will let you tip the cup without forcing you to throw your head back. The aroma hole located at the center of the lid will let the aroma escape and hence, give you more taste.Viora Lid 3 The idea behind the Viora lid is to make the user forget altogether that a lid is being used to drink coffee!  Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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